What is zero fee processing?

Zero fee credit card processing is a No-fee payment program where a business owner wisely offsets their cost of processing by offering cash and credit prices to their customers.

Our cash discount program

Zero fee credit card processing has numerous benefits for small businesses. The main concern for a business owner is to generate business sales and increase its profit margins.

No Monthly Fees

Some payment processing companies charge a monthly fee for using their services. The fee might vary by the number of transactions your business has per month.

No Swipe Fees

Many credit card processors charge a fee for every credit card swipe through your payment terminal. With an Evoke credit card processing account, you are never charged a swipe fee.

No Batch Fees

Some merchant services and processing companies charge an ACH or Batch Fee for receiving large volumes of transactions in batches. Evoke zero fee credit card processing doesn’t charge any batch fees.

Accept All Cards

People have a preference when it comes to payment methods. Evoke is a leading provider of payment processing solutions that can help you offer your customers the ability to pay with any major credit card.

No Interchange Fees

An interchange rate is a wholesale fee that accounts for most of the cost of accepting credit card payments from Brand cards. Many companies charge the business owner separately for Interchange expenses.

No Rate Increases

With our zero fee program, you never have to worry about credit card processing rate increases again. Free Credit Card Reader And Terminal For Qualified Merchants.